Violet Short Yoga Leggings Sahasrara - Chakra


$ 49.88


Our Chakra collection short leggings in soft stretch cotton jersey are ideal for Yoga, Pilates, fitness and all your leisure time activities.

Availabe also in Red (Muladhara, the first Chakra); Orange (Svadishtana, the second chakra); Yellow (Manipura, third Chakra); Green (Anahata, fourth Chakra). They match our Chakra collection tops and cache-coeurs.

Our XS size is ideal also for teenage girls.

All our leggings are rigorously made in Italy in the highest standard, dry-fit jerseys.  

Faric details: 95% Cotton– 5% Elastan

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Data sheet

Style Chakra
Age group adult
Gender female
Utilization Yoga
Season All seasons
Fabric Cotton


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