Crystal "OM" Necklace - Icon Collection

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$ 35.05


Crystal necklace "OM" - Icon Collection, designed by Barbara Gruich is made of crystal and nickel free metal, with viscose tassel and OM pendant.

“OM (AUM) is the primordial cosmic sound. It represents the creative, invisible power that structures Creation through vibration”.

Dedicated to traditional rytuals, the OM necklaces are available in several colors with different therapeutic properties:  

  • Emerald, according to Buddhism one of the seven treasures, represents wisdom
  • Turquoise according to many traditions protects and facilitates verbal communications.
  • Brown relates to emotions and sensuality, as well as physical health and balance.
  • Silver according to Buddhism is the second of the seven treasures, representing virtues
  • Violet is the color representing thoughts and the mind
  • Purple represent creativity and spiritual power. 
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Age group adult
Gender unisex


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