Yoga Cushions and Neck rolls

Yoga Cushions For Meditation

The yoga and meditation cushions are essential props for your mantra and meditation practice and can also be used outside the yoga room for other leisure activities, for pilates, fitness and for the well-being in general.

Our yoga cushions are made of natural materials and are enriched with fine details: tested by yoga teachers, they are perfect both in shala and at home, ensuring comfort and softness for your exercise. 

For yoga and meditation, choose a cushion made of natural materials

YogaEssential yoga cushions are made of cotton with buckwheat chaff padding, hypoallergenic, antistatic and ecological, with removable cover and zip closure.

In our online yoga shop you can find:

- ergonomic and cervical pillows

- pilates neck roll

- meditation cushions

- crescent pillows

- yoga pillow cases

Available in different shapes and sizes, our yoga and pilates neck roll cushions allow you to sit comfortably with crossed legs and straight back, keeping the coccyx and pelvis raised and slightly inclined forward. Buy your new yoga and meditation cushion now!

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