Yoga woman Pants

Yoga Pants: Harem Pants & Comfortable Pants for Ladies

Yogaessential offers you only the best of casual gym clothes: our wide-leg yoga pants are ideal for practice and leisure time, thanks to their elegance, natural fabric they are made of and the perfect fit for every occasion.
Woman yoga pants in cotton and bamboo fiber, with slim lines and a perfect fit to make your figure elegant and slender during practice and more.
Discover our collection of women's yoga pants, from the classic wide-leg model to the "harem pants".
Our classic sport pants are made of cotton fabric, they are wide-legged and perfect for your busy days. Match them with sneakers if you are always on the go.
Our Bamboo collection offers the comfortable pants in natural fiber, soft and fresh, suitable for a gentle yoga practice or for meditation.
The Indian Pant with long rise in Italian viscose is inspired by the practice of Kundalini Yoga.
From models in neutral shades such as white, beige or black to colored Chakra collection yoga pants, our garments guarantee unsurpassed refinement and comfort. Their excellent versatility allows them to be worn with elegance even after leaving the gym or yoga center.

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